We are National Oil and Chemical Company (CHEMAOIL) under the Banner of INKAN HOLDING.

We’re a reputed supplier for quality oils like Transformer oils, Technical white oils, Polymer & Rubber process oils, Food & Agriculture grade white oils, Aerosol oils and specialty functional fluids.

We have state of art manufacturing facilities, well-equipped QA / QC facilities, R & D capabilities for product & process innovations and experienced & technically well qualified management.

We are a customer focused, technology driven & environmental cautious company and we are striving to become a global reputed player.

The group’s success has been based upon one simple premise, the accurate prediction of market needs and the supply of materials of superior quality which offer innovative solutions and meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

The Group is abundantly aware of its standing in the community and realizes that its success is in the hands of its loyal, highly motivated employees who bring together a new level of performance technology.


Our vision is to be an effective and reliable player in the global petroleum industry most admired for its human resources and performance.


Our mission is to consolidate the expertise and manufacturing capabilities of our organization to create value for our customers. We accomplish this through the safe, high quality, and service oriented manufacture of fine and specialty chemicals for industries around the world.


Honest, transparent and ethical, Sensitive to environment, Creative and innovative, Customer oriented.