About Us


Our mission is to play an active and leading role in

Specialty of Oils & Chemicals, add value to the community

while supplying domestic needs for oil products.

Our Philosophy

CHEMAOIL with its diverse range of Oils and

Chemicals, is the result of years of experience,

expertise and service combined for unparalleled

results in the Industry.

Our strategy leverages our ability to deliver game

changing technology and create an exceptional

customer experience to help meet the growing

market demands for Oils and Chemicals.


Our vision is to be an effective and reliable player in the

Specialty of Oils & Chemicals

most admired for its human resources and performance.

Research and Development

Improving of product in accordance to market and clients requirements

- Improving the production process to meet the growing global technology

- Innovating products to meet the future challenges of the changing world

Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES):

We have a comprehensive HSE&S Management System – including Corporate

Directives, Standards, Guidance Notes and Operational Management Systems at our

Manufacturing Sites.


- GLP Certified

- OECD 306 “Biodegradability”

- CHEMEX, UK Ref: ENV11340/161126

- IP392 “Determination of Aromatic Hydrogen and Carbon

Content – High Resolution Magnetic”

- CHEMEX, UK Ref: ECO161126

- PAH “Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons by HPLC”

- CHEMEX, UK Ref: ENV11440/161126


Sherry Laboratories, LA - USA Ref: B10100020-02

- ISO Certified 9001:2015