CHEMAOIL, established in 2010, a petrochemicals factory producing Hydrocarbon

Solvents like Normal White Spirit (NWS-40), Odorless White Spirit (OLWS-40), -

Odorles Kerosene (MA-D80) and Marine Well Drilling Oil (MW-085) .

White Miniral Oil

White Miniral Oil, this product plays a key role, with its very traces aromatic content

make it ideal for such applications; that are protecting crops, plants and trees as well

as livestock from harmful insects and pests while ensuring safety.

The Applications

Neat Metal Working Oil, Quench Oil, Art Shop Fluids, Textile Oil, Turbine Oil, Hydraulic

Oil, Rubber Processing, Mould Release Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Some of the important

applications include, agricultural pesticide spray oils, animal feed and agrochemical

anti-dusting applications.

Food and Medical Grade White Miniral Oil

The Applications

Pharmaceutical (cosmetics, drugs), Food Processing/Packing Machinery.

Transformer Oil Naphthenic based

Naphthenic based transformer oil is basically wax-free and has a good flowing feature under

low temperature. One of the best feature of naphthenic oil it also good heat distribution

oil. Naphthenic base oil also provides better low-temperature performance, which makes

them ideal for formulating hydraulic fluids and automatic transmission fluids.

Types of Transformer Oil:-

     • Uninhibited Transformer Oil (Chemtrans - GR 1).

     • Inhibited Transformer Oil (Chemtrans - GR 2).

The Applications

Distribution transformer, Power transformer, high-voltage capacitors, fluorescent lamp

ballasts, high-voltage switches and circuit breakers.